My definition of sustainability has developed to encompass more than just environment and myself. In other words, a more holistic view of the environment, that contains social, political, and economical implications in relation to adjusting the current processes in order to save the environment. The image I chose before the last GIS workshop was the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle image, which, growing up, was how I envisioned sustainability, as those were the principles that were taught to me first. That image represented sustainability in a way that reflected my daily life. However, after the workshop and since then, sustainability is relative to more than just me and what I can do. It refers to the world as a hole and the ways we can make more activities, policies, and beliefs more environmentally conscious and friendly. That is not to say that I am excluded from that, because I believe I am required to be active than I ever have been. However, it redefines the attention in which I give, as it refers to more than just the changes and actions I can take.

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