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See how alumni of the Japanese program at Dickinson College are using their education and experiences today.

Zachary Ricchiuti ’12

Zachary Ricchiuti








Major: East Asian Studies


At my current company HTH Worldwide, I am in charge of our corporate hospital and doctor network in Asia. The strength of our company is our network and access to quality healthcare, which means that I have to stay up to date with the latest international healthcare facilities and doctors all throughout the continent. This includes recruiting new facilities and doctors that cater to international patients, and also providing research on new cities that our clients want to establish business or study abroad locations at. While the bulk of my work is in China, India, and South Korea, we do have a large Japan presence, and in the past I have made calls to hospitals and individual doctors to make sure they are aware of our brand and our insurance process.


While at Dickinson, I had a wonderful experience studying abroad at Nanzan University in Nagoya. My time there was split between a home stay and a dormitory, with each offering unique experiences with regard to living in Japan and using the Japanese language. I had the opportunity to join Japanese clubs at University and spend time with not only Japanese students, but students from all over Asia in a very diverse study abroad program. My time in Japan and the Dickinson East Asia program in general gave me a well-rounded education in the history and society of the region, allowing me to look at projects and my current work through an analytical lens.

Qian “Viola” Zhang ’12

Qian Viola at a temple






Major: Economics

Double Minor: Japanese Language & East Asian Studies

Current Position: Streaming Video Strategist, at Rakuten


I currently work for the largest e-commerce shopping site in Japan as the analyst and strategist for streaming video products. Located in Tokyo, my working environment is highly diverse, and therefore requires a mix of Japanese and English, sometimes even Chinese to push things forward. Every time I look back, my third year exchange experience in Japan has prepared me well both verbally and sociaQian "Viola" Zhanglly to be working in a Japanese global company. I look forward to further advance in Japanese, as well as new excitement and challenges coming along the way.

Jason Raymond ’12

Jason Raymond

Major: Mathematics

Double minor: Education & Japanese

Current position: Science Communication and English Teacher, Chiba Prefecture, Japan


I graduated from Dickinson in 2012 as a Mathematics major and double-minor in Education and Japanese. I am interested in the field of comparative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, particularly between the education systems of the United States and Japan. During my senior year at Dickinson, I applied to and was accepted for a position as a licensed teacher at Chosei High School in Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture Japan, which is a Super Science High School (SSH). (SSH is a designation awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to secondary schools that focus on STEM education.) I was hired to teach Super Science Communication, which is, at its core, a bilingual (Japanese/English) approach to learning and discussing about science which gives way to effective bilingual presentations. To fulfill my fulltime working requirement, I also teach a number of English Expressions classes, which promotes an active approach to learning and using English in authentic and meaningful contexts. While I have been here, I have had the opportunity to meet other Dickinsonians who have came to Japan, further building and strengthening my personal connections and professional networks in a globalized way. I feel no less than blessed to be here in Japan, living my dream and doing what I love. What’s more is that this position serves as the ultimate culmination of my studies at Dickinson as it evokes all of the knowledge and skills I have developed in my four years there. I do believe though, that what I have achieved until now serves as a solid basis for my career in the future and it’s only the beginning.

McKenzie Forbs ’10

McKenzie Forbs

Major: East Asian Studies

I’m 25 years old and graduated in 2010. I came to Japan to be an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Miyagi prefecture, the fall following graduation. I stayed for 6 months and came back in March after the Tohoku Earthquake. I’m now back in Japan teaching in Tochigi prefecture. A typical start of the day has me making up at 6AM, getting to the town’s station by bicycle (a 15 min ride), taking the local train (30 min) and then walking up an incredibly steep mountain (15 min). Usually I’ll have 2-5 classes a day where I’ll assist the main Japanese English teacher. I’ll help read flash cards or passages and sometimes instruct activities I’ve made. My last job I went to several schools, this time I only go to one (which I feel very lucky for). Often times you’ll eat with the students, and participate in school events, which gives you a chance to talk to them and you’re usually welcome to participate in club activities ranging from science clubs to art clubs to tennis (sounds like a cool way to get free kendo lessons!) Last time I was also able to find a nearby kyuudo (archery) dojo and it was awesome.McKenzie ForbsThis is a great job for anyone coming out as an East Asian Studies major and I highly recommend it. There’s nothing better than widening your cultural perspective (and language skills) than working in another country and Japan is an amazing choice.