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The Japanese Program at Dickinson is Multidisciplinary.

At Dickinson, the East Asian Studies major focuses on China and Japan but with increasing attention to the broader East Asian and global contexts of these two civilizations. Students explore East Asia from multiple perspectives: from ancient origins to contemporary realities through the study of history, society, politics, business and economics, literature and culture. The major is language-based (Japanese or Chinese is required through the intermediate level) and multidisciplinary in the many directions for in-depth analysis and reflection offered to students. Students gain broad and focused knowledge on historical as well as modern topics in Japan. Courses are offered to engage students’ interests and expose them to new areas of studies. The East Asian Studies department offers various extra-curricular activities throughout the semester so that students can explore various Japanese activities such as sushi making, ikebana flower arranging and tea ceremonies.

A message from the current East Asian Studies department chair:

This leads me to another key development in our department, our Luce Foundation Grant to encourage pedagogy on Asia and the Environment. Last semester was the first semester of support from the grant. In addition to various lectures, we were able to invite an ikebana master to campus, have a workshop on bonsai and travel to a bonsai exhibit. The grant also allowed us to subsidize our successful summer program “Seismic Japan.” This was a unique opportunity to combine the sciences and the humanities to look at both the science and the culture of earthquake in the country.

-Professor Alex Bates