Written Expression and Textual Analysis
Italian 0231 – Primavera 2008

Educational Tech Ideas

Thoughts and Ideas for Technology in Higher Ed


This literary project is an ambitious collection of documents, biographies, galleries, recent publications and free e-books complemented by open access journals on the Arabic literature.

Global Gastronomy Group

Come learn the basics of cooking, master an array of easy dishes that you will be able to prepare when you graduate and begin to live on their own.

Great Secular Jews in History

From students in Professor Ted Merwin’s “Jewish Identity in a Secular Age” Course

From Kyoto to Copenhagen

This blog contains exciting educational reflections made during a year-long research project on the 15th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP15)!

Interpreting Religion

This is a seminar required for religion majors and minors, but foundational for all students interested in the academic study of religion. The course is designed to introduce you to the key thinkers that gave rise to the discipline and the fundamental theories and methods that are employed by academics in the field today. You will learn what it means to think, speak and write as scholars of religion as we explore the ideas and vocabulary of both classical and contemporary theorists. You will examine the application of classical theories through exemplary case studies and learn to apply a variety of methodological approaches in your own research in religion.

Journal of Buddhist Ethics

The Journal of Buddhist Ethics is the first academic journal dedicated entirely to Buddhist ethics. We promote the study of Buddhist ethics through the publication of research and book reviews and by hosting occasional online conferences.

Latin Poetry Podcast

The Latin Poetry Podcast is a series of short Latin passages, discussed, translated, and read aloud by Christopher Francese, Professor of Classical Studies at Dickinson College. The introductory music is the opening of Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 121, third movement (allegro vivace), by Tomas Svobodaperformed by the composer. The out music is from the same movement.

Minds that Matter: A Look at Some Novel Materials

Palliative Care in Western Europe

The Palliative Care in Western Europe website maps the “comparative performance” of 17 countries in western Europe on variables related to palliative care. A different map is provided for each of the variables listed in the menu at the far right. Data is drawn from a number of sources, including EAPC, WHO, the World Values Survey, and a variety of medical researchers.

Poetry Matters at Dickinson College

Collection of Poetry

Seasonal Menu Specialist

As the Seasonal Menu Specialist, I am tasked with developing local and seasonal recipes alongside the Dining Hall chefs, sampling these recipes on students, and determining the feasibility of implementing these recipes in the Dining Hall.

Sirena: Poetry Art and Criticism

International in scope, Sirena: Poesía, arte y crítica is a publication for poets from all languages and their translators, for essayists of various disciplines with an interest in poetry, and artists whose work represents a particular metaphor for a particular reality. Most of all, Sirena is a meeting place for readers who are open to whatever poetry might bring them, who simply enjoy reading poems for the diverse ideas and emotions they impart, and readers that appreciate art and other people¹s opinions about these issues.

Writing Science News

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