In exploring COP27 and the importance of social media, I feel it is important to have a base understanding of what COP27 is. “COP27 is the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference. Also known as the Conference of the Parties (hence the title of COP), the summit aims to address some of the vital issues surrounding climate change.” (Futurelearn,  November 16, 2022) (Futurelearn, November 16, 2022)

When we look at social media and what it can do for COP27, there is a few things that it does. It can help spread a lot of awareness fairly quickly, this is because social media has a global outreach, it is not restricted by states or censorship as much. This allows for more to be said about COP27 and for it to reach more citizens. There will be less bias that skews the view of it too. It may also create more sense of urgency for any given issue covered by COP27, the more people the issue reaches the more likely it is that they will act on it or that it will start to snowball and become a bigger issue that is more talked about in medias other than just social media or within the perimeters of COP27.




FutureLearn. “What Is COP27 and Why Does It Matter?: Key Details and Themes.” FutureLearn, November 16, 2022.