In a regime change there may be very little sources that one can trust or turn to for reliable unbiased or even uncensored information. A lot of information on the new regime may have positive or negative bias. In Egypt with a regime change they would move from a Democratic Republic to whatever other regime it may be. This would more than likely cause more restriction on the media as a change may shift to a more authoritarian, therefor the media which one would have to turn too may be more along the lines of Al-Jazeera or some sort of outside source. I would turn to these as they would provide less censored information or less bias. The trust level of the media in Egypt would go down therefore the people of Egypt may seek more reliable information. They would want to see what the new regimes agenda would be, not a sugar coated version of it. Al-Jazeera and media sources such as satellite television or radio would be the best to turn to in this case. Any state owned media would have the opposite of what may be desired to be seen.