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Decimus Laberius

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Some fragments of the mime writer Laberius,  from O. Ribbeck, Scaenicae Romanorum Poesis Fragmenta, vol. 2 Comicorum Romanorum Fragmenta, 3rd ed. Leipzig: Teubner, 1897:

Amore cecidi tamquam blatta in peluim (Virgo, p. 358)

Vix sustineo lassas clunes (Aries, p. 340)

Sequere <me> in latrinum, ut aliquid gustes ex Cynica haeresi (Compitalia, p. 345)

Necesse est multos timeat quem multi timent. (ex incertis fabulis, p. 361)

Uxorem tuam / et meam novercam consectari lapidibus / a populo video (ex incertis fabulis p. 363)

There is a tad more information about Laberius on Wikipedia here, but somebody, preferably Costas Panayotakis, who has written a new edition and commentary on Laberius’s fragments, needs to revise and expand it.


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