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Some Hexamater lists

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Hexamater lists

All 12 of the chief Roman gods (Ennius):

Iuno Vesta Minerva Ceres Diana Venus Mars

Mercurius Iovis Neptunus Volcanus Apollo

Ingredients of a cocktail called dodra (Ausonius):

Ius aqua mel vinum panis piper herba oleum sal

All letters of the Latin alphabet:

Duc, Zephyre exsurgens, durum cum flatibus aequor

All parts of speech:

Vae tibi lascivo, quia mox post gaudia flebis.


Vae tibi ridenti, quia mox post gaudia flebis.

For more in this vein, see  the wonderful article by Harry C. Schnur, “The Factotum: Some Varieties of the Latin Hexameter,” The Classical World 53 (1960) 153-157.



  • These are really great. I actually used them to illustrate various features of the hexameter in class, and it was a nice bonus that each had an intrinsic value as well.

    I’ve written about Latin hexameter pangrams, and even composed one of my own:

    “heu Zama, quam Scipio celeber dux frangit inique!”

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