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Salvete omnes! (Hello everybody!)

Latin Club will be returning on November 10th. We will be meeting on Mondays from 4:30-5:30.

If you are interested in registering your child for Latin Club, please e-mail me that child’s name, a contact e-mail address, and the child’s grade, and I will add him/her to the list. My e-mail is Registrations are due by Monday, November 3rd.

1-20-2014.21This year there will be five sessions; a Kindergarten-1st grade session, a 2nd -3rd grade session, a 4th-5th grade session, and two 6th-8th grade session for children in Middle School (Introduction to Latin II for students who completed the Middle School program last year and Introduction to Latin I for students new to the Middle School Program).

All five sessions will meet in the Department of Classical Studies, in the East College building at Dickinson College. East College is on N. West St. between High and Louther Streets. There is free parking on High St., Louther St., and College St. in the vicinity of East College. The classics department in on the first floor, and all five sessions will meet in the lobby at 4:30 on Monday the 10th. We will divide the students up into their appropriate sessions from there.

Each session will have at least two instructors. These instructors, or magistri, are students 1-20-2014.25at Dickinson and Trinity. Chris Francese and I will be supervising the instructors throughout the year. Please stay and meet the magistri (instructors),Chris, and me, if you can on the first day. Parents are more than welcome to participate in all Latin Club activities. There will also be a special Parents’ Day on April 27th, when the Latin Club students will be planning activities for their parents to participate in and observe.

The Middle School session will be using a textbook called the Cambridge Latin Course (Unit 1). We will provide the book. In addition to that there will be various other crafts and activities throughout the year, a planetarium show, a lecture on Hercules, etc…

Latin Club will meet every Monday when Dickinson classes are in session. Note that this does not always correspond to the school district schedule. We will endeavor to send out reminders around holiday time to keep you up to speed. And I will be sending out a schedule of meeting dates before the November 10th start date.

IMG_0033The club is free, and is supported by the Dickinson Classics department, through the Roberts Fund for Classical Studies. This fund will be used to purchase materials for crafts and so forth. The only thing we may ask you for money for is a t-shirt if we decide to order them.

I would like to make this easy and fun for the parents as well as the kids. If there is anything we can adjust to make it easier logistically, just let me know. You are more than welcome to stay, or not, as you wish. We are very much looking forward to meeting you and your children.

All the best,

–Ashley Roman

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