A Woman Dead In Her Forties. II


“You send me back to share my own

scars first of all with myself”


I don’t see any clusters of words. I see possessiveness. The poem had words like “you”, “my”, “own” and “myself”. It felt personal but the writer is focused on how the person, “you”, effected them. ┬áThe use of “First”, “Back”, “Share” is interesting. To share with one’s self is an intimate and vulnerable act. I assume she has had pain brought upon her by someone and she is dealing with herself and how she feels. I think the hardest thing to do is to look within yourself. A certain “you”, whether it is a person or not, has created a pain for someone that they have to reconcile with themselves.

One thought on “A Woman Dead In Her Forties. II”

  1. Similar to “this is untitled” this quote and analysis connects to the damages of abuse, in physical and mental ways. There will continuously be pain when there are societal boundaries which restrict your ability to be truly content. The scars emerged from a constant trouble of attempting to free yourself from the chains that societal expectations have created. Once the world has told you what is right, it pains and feels foreign to follow your own path. People instill these beliefs and it pains one to be there own person because of the failure of letting people be happy by themselves.

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