Boy Meets Boy vs Luna

When comparing the novels Luna and Boy meets Boy, it is important to recognize that they are two novels that strongly support the LGBTQ+ community but also highlight the fact that they were bringing light to different communities. The most important difference is that Luna shows the problems of a transgender person that can often be thrown into the shade. In the novel Boy Meets Boy, David Levithan creates an environment that is a utopia for the homosexual community but does not accurately depict the lives of homosexuals in present day community. From birth, being a homosexual to the protagonist Paul was not out of the ordinary as seen when he states, “I just assumed boy were attracted to other boys” (page 8). There was no disturbance of the real world in the life of Paul. This creates a false representation in the current world because not all members of the LGBTQ+ are accepted to the world and blind to the fact that any relationship that differs from heterosexual relationships is deemed as unnatural. Luna, however, goes into a deeper understanding of the problems that are usually shadowed. In the novel, Regan describes her brother being transgender as, “He likes guys. We both do. That doesn’t make him gay. It makes him as straight as me because inside he’s a girl” (Anne Peters, 122). This is important because even though there is an increase of awareness for the LGBTQ+ movement, there are not as much recognition for groups other than gay and lesbian members. There is a need for novels like Luna because it is relatable and proves to readers that there is an increase in need for gender fluidity. There are limits that remain against transgender because breaking societal norms is already controversial so introducing many sexualities that change one’s body type is extreme to the conservative values that dictate this country today. There is much more need to change America and novels like Boy Meets Boy can show how the world can still remain the same with homosexual relationships or may do the opposite and make it seem that the problem is solved. Novels like Luna show the struggle and may lead to the changes that will normalize all relationships.