Differences of Boy Meets Boy and Luna

In my opinion, “Boy Meets Boy” and “Luna” are more obviously different. I think one main struggle that Luna must face in his coming out story that Paul does not face is self-struggle. Paul does not struggle with who he is or letting everyone know that he is gay, whereas Luna has a very hard time allowing herself to be her true self around and in front of others. I think this has part to do with the type of household and neighborhood they were raised in. Paul was raised in a majorly populated homosexual community and by parents who understood his sexuality; whereas Luna could not even tell her parents nonetheless her community what her true identity was. Paul’s experiences with being gay were more personal struggles that many heterosexual’s face. In my opinion, this is because Paul is very secure with him and knows who he is and isn’t persecuted for it from those around him. Luna, on the other hand, had to face internal and external hardships throughout her coming out story. For example, Luna is discriminated by her family, especially her father. Her father who questions if Luna is gay but does not even thinks that Luna would be transgender.

Another main difference between the two is the story line of the two characters. Paul shows us the hardships of love and romance. Because Boy Meets Boy is a utopian novel, he is living in a world where he is accepted for who he is. Paul does not have to face any type of discrimination from others about his sexuality. In Luna, the readers see more rustic and truthful struggles that come along with coming out.

I think these two different types of views are very important for readers. They show that no two stories are the same and everyone will have different struggles. Some, like Paul, will be easily accepted and face challenges that heterosexual couples also face. Others, like Luna, will have to endure the discrimination from many angles of life, such as family and society. I think reading the two have made me realize that there is not one set of struggles that people who are coming out have to deal with, struggles come in many different ways.

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  1. I agree that Boy Meets Boy deals with a distinct lack of conflict relating to sexuality that Luna relies on. Boy Meets boy focuses on a central character that deals with normal issues faced by young adults that aren’t necessarily compared to or highlight his coming out as gay. Peripheral characters in Boy Meets Boy, like Tony, who deals with strict religious parents and struggles with his sexuality in a very real way. Luna, on the other hand, is viewed from the outside as well, with Regan experiencing Liam’s struggle with his gender in a way that only leaves her partially affected. Both novels show the differing experiences that queer people face, whether positive or negative.

  2. I agree with your posts about Boy Meets Boy and Luna being obviously more different, simply because of their different queer lived experiences. Although they tell two different stories, I think that both are equally important, because as you said, no two experiences are the same. It’s inspirational to read Paul’s story because it shows that there are queer youth who are solidified within and accepted for the sexuality. On the other hand, Luna had a much more difficult time living her truths, which is an equally important story because this is the reality for some queer youth today. Ultimately, I think both novels are important because they diversify the narratives that society has constructed about the experiences of queer youth.

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