Similarities and Differences

I think that Boy Meets Boy and Luna are obviously different because of the narrator. The narrator of Boy Meets Boy, Paul, is a gay boy, whereas, the narrator in Luna, Regan, is a straight girl. Also in the case of Boy Meets Boy, there seems to be more acceptance of LGBT individuals, even though their is the narrative of Tony. Even within Tony’s narrative, we see a positive ending. Boy Meets Boy normalizes LGBT narratives and there isn’t a struggle with the narrator’s identity. In Luna, however, there isn’t much acceptance of LGBT people, and for this reason, she keeps Luna’s life a secret from her parents.

What is similar in both of these texts, is that the narrator deals with the struggles and drama of people close to them. With Paul, he deals with Tony’s struggle with his parents and Kyle’s questioning bisexuality. In Luna, she deals with her sibling, Liam/Luna, as they decide to transition to a woman. In both cases, regardless of the protagonist’s, sexuality or gender, they are affected by the people closest to them.

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  1. I think that your observations of the two novels are very accurate. However, I think that you could dig deeper into the “so what?” of what you’ve observed. It is really interesting that one story is told from the point of view of a gay male while the other is told from the point of view of a straight female. What do those differences in perspectives tell us about the two narratives? What might the two characters, although quite different, have in common? And what might those commonalities also tell us about the narratives? I think that you are scratching the surface in this post, but there is more to be explored.

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