Being a Lesbian

“I have so wanted to ignore my own homophobia,” (Moraga, 49)

If as a gay person, you have never felt homophobia in any way, I would genuinely  be surprised. Being apart of the LGBTQ community is a risk and always has been. People commit heinous acts to “destroy the gay.” Even, as Moraga bravely admitted, oneself. Homophobia is a dangerous road. Homophobia too oneself is even worse. Hating yourself for something you cannot control within you is suicide. Through her literature, Moraga accepts that she doesn’t accept who she is. Her irony is soothing. She’s saying its okay to be gay and not like it at times. It’s normal, it’s a part of the journey. In my life, I spent years convincing myself that I wasn’t gay. That it was immoral and against God’s will. Now I have rainbow gay stickers on my mirror and I came out to my mom. Moraga and many of the authors we have read so far stress that “being gay” isn’t a one way journey. Being queer means having different experiences, thoughts, and goals as the queer person next to you. This world loves to put all gay people in one category but there’s more to being queer then just being gay.

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