When I first started eating in the cafeteria I noticed that not all of the tables were full.  This was obviously because there were only a few skittish freshmen, as opposed to the writhing mass of people that would soon eat there.  I felt comfortable during orientation because I knew that everyone was in the same boat as me.  This made me a lot more comfortable introducing myself and asking for people’s names.

As soon as the rest of the campus arrived the ranks of students more than doubled.  I could tell the freshmen from the rest of the students because they were the ones that were greeting each other by putting their hands on others’ shoulders or giving them big hugs.  The difference between the freshmen and the other grades was that the other grades were comfortable in their place.  They sat with people they knew and were laughing and joking around.  The freshmen were deathly serious.  Now that I know people I have a lot less time to observe people, however I intend to keep an eye out.