When I first arrived on campus, I was quite surprised to observe how quiet and calm the HUB was. In a few short days, its quiet atmosphere become more vibrant as it bustled with people coming in and out for different events. I believe the HUB has changed not only because the upperclassmen have arrived and the campus population has increased, but also that the first year class has changed a great deal in the first week of school. The HUB’s quiet, subdued atmosphere reflected every first year student’s silent nervousness about being at college for the first time. Today, the entire atmosphere of the HUB has transformed because the first year class has transformed. Students now feel much more comfortable and less nervous about college. The quiet reserved conversations have become conversations full of laughter and shared interaction. It has been fascinating to observe the change in the HUB over a short period of time. I look forward to see the HUB’s atmosphere and first year students evolve over time.