6 thoughts on “The Reality of the Hunger Games

  1. I thought that you did a very good job explaining how criticisms of the hunger games were incorrect in assuming that they were unrealistic by giving real life examples of how it relates to other forms of media in our culture and even going into other cultures. I feel like you also could have included more analysis of the implications of this violence especially when focused towards children.

  2. You did a very good job of answering the question of how far we were from a world like the hunger games. I liked how you included a number of examples that were relevant to the question that you asked. I wish you could have included more analysis on the examples you included in your video.

  3. I really liked how you put together all the clips from the Hunger Games and different reality TV shows. It definitely helped to demonstrate the similarities. (And it made me feel guilty for laughing at the Wipeout clips.) You could have maybe talked a little more about boxing and the fighting clubs in Thailand. Overall, it was a great video!

  4. Sam, I really liked your video. I like the topic that you decided to research. It ties well with the theme of your first year seminar course. You organized and delivered your presentation very well, I like how you used different videos and images from different sources. Your video was very entertaining and fun to watch, that I think was the icing on top.

  5. This was very well put together. You made a fictional concept seem very real and possible while also making a clear and concise argument about the current state of the world. The video clips and photos used in your presentation contributed to an overall sound work. The only complaint I found about the project was that some points could have been further expanded, but overall the project felt very complete. Well done.

  6. Great job Sam! I found this topic to be very interesting and really was impressed by how you were able to incorporate video and still images. I found the part that discussed children fighting in Thailand to be very interesting and wish you would have expanded on it a little more. Overall job well done.

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