The Anti-American Russia

Today I read an article assigned by my Russian 100 professor about the recent legislation pushes against the United States by Russia.  To the Kremlin, being free of American influence is essential for the free will and sovereignty of the country. Russia now no longer wants to part of the west and no longer wants to be recognized as a prominent country in the west.  Instead it wishes to become its own entity.

In a way I see this as a relapse of the not-quiet-dead-yet Soviet ideals of the last century.  The government wishes Russia to become a super power of all things and in part, its own world.  It almost sounds as if the ideas of the government are taking a turn towards a cyclical pattern.  They have even suggested banning foreign films and words to further cut the population off.  Can we consider this to be attempt to isolate Russia into another utopia or is it simply a phase that is going to wear off? I believe that this could be a slippery slope for the Russian government and any future actions taken in the same direction may be severely frowned upon by the world scene as a whole.