Eugenics in Germany

This poster shows Nazi’s eugenics propaganda. When in 1933 Adolf Hitler came in power, he started to imply his own vision about race in German society. He believed in the Aryan race, which he claimed if “purified” will become the ruling race of the world.

This poster shows three handicapped children and puts the question “Who would want to be responsible for this? “ The poster was part of the sterilization campaign that was going on in Germany during the rule of Adolf Hitler. This poster tried to make the population of Nazi Germany believe that certain people should be sterilized because they might have such children, which according to Nazi Germany will not be beneficial for the state, nor for the people in it. Unfortunately, in Hitler-ruled Germany, individuals who were labeled to be unproductive for the society were exterminated.

The eugenic movement took part also in Great Britain, France, Russia, America, and others, but it was only in Germany, where mixed with the idea of the Ubermensch( the superman), created a devastating outcome- the concentration camps, in which millions of people lost their lives.

Source for picture : / poster number 5