Metropolis: struggle between classes

Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s 1927 science-fiction movie, portrays a futuristic dystopian Weimar, Germany where the classes rebel and fight one another. The film follows Freder, the son to the city’s master, and Maria, a beautiful woman who works with children and belongs in the working class, as they try to diminish the vast separation between the two classes and bring them together. The distinction between the two classes is that the working class has to work long, hard hours, while the rich enjoy their lavish lifestyle above the city. The movie ends with the city crashing, but in the end Freder joins the workers (hands) and his father (the head) together.

A specific scene in the movie that I thought was particular interesting was when the workers completely rebelled and left their factories to destroy the heart machine and all the systems fail, allowing the city to crash and be destroyed. The workers completely disregard their children and leave them behind as they become violent and rowdy towards the upper class.

I think this depicts an interesting picture where the workers are very wrapped up in listening to the robot so they leave everything behind, including their children. The workers get extremely rowdy and listen to the robot, but then soon find out this robot is a traitor, so they use violence. Was complete abandonment the only solution to get what they wanted? Did they have to use violence? Did the classes come together to build the city back up?