The Triumph of Will

The movie Triumph of the Will depicts the congress of the Nazi in Nuremburg. It was published in 1935 and was created by Leni Riefenstahl.

One of the most important aspects of the films was the way Hitler was presented. The movie definitely manages to capture his charisma. As we have discussed in class, Hitler was, according to some historians as Ian Kershew, a charismatic leader and most of the people were ready to do everything for him. The movie creates the feeling that Hitler is the most powerful and influential man in Germany. He is presented almost as a god. This can be concluded from the reaction of the people from the public. They push each other in order to get to see him, and look at him with admiration. Also the other prominent Nazis like Rudolf Hess, and Joseph Goebbels, who also appear in the movie, treat him like he is the greatest man in the world. Another thing that struck me was the show of power during the whole movie. SS and SA men were marching showing the new military power of Germany. The discipline of the soldiers and the way in which they marched was also impressive, and for me shows a traditional part of the German culture- the discipline. Another thing on which the movie accentuates is the idea of unity in the scene with the 55 000 workers (32min). The workers are presented as equal, as part of the state. Few of them say the place where they come from which again shows that even though they come from different states of Germany they are part of one nation, they are equal and should contribute for the well-being of the state. The same can be concluded from Adolf Hitler’s speeches, in which he said that people must be ready to work, and even sacrifice themselves for the state.

With what feelings did the movie leave you?