The necessity of clear scientific management

In the article, ” The Principles of Scientific Management”, I think the central claim is that employers  need  to  define a clear scientific management to improve the productivity of workers at maximum level. This is because the author, Frederick Taylor mentions the fact that workers have misunderstood the relationship between increasing efficiency and their position . In particular, he repeatedly mentions that workers have thought their increasing productivity of commodities can lead to the fire. Besides this, he also provides another idea of workers, which they are afraid of keeping hard working for a long time because of their great productivity. In addition, he also mentions that some workers are reluctant to work with the maximum effort because they can just receive the same amount of money as other lazy workers. From these facts, the author mainly focuses on the actual situation that the lack of specific scientific management causes, which is the existence of confused workers and low productivity of commodities. In the latter part of the article, he also emphasizes the possibility of improvement by introducing a specific management system that works well in United States of America. This means that he tries to clarify that what kind of measures can contribute to solve the problem of confused workers and low productivity of commodities.Therefore, I think he mainly argues that employers have to set clear scientific management for improving workers’ productivity.


2 thoughts on “The necessity of clear scientific management

  1. I would agree on Taylor’s claim that scientific management methods were imperative for lasting prosperity of both the worker and the employer. Specifically, he called attention to the need for better incentives. Industry was facing some of the common issues with communism because increased productivity did not affect a worker’s pay.

  2. Taylor called for a better system of analyzing the work flows and processes of laborers. If this could be improved and workers felt more incentive to work, the result would be increased economic efficiency and productivity. He pointed out the division between the workers and their overseers and whomever is in charge needs to make sure that the workers are properly treated and thus feel more incentive to do work.

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