25 Points

Substantive Points:

The 25 Points demanded a widespread unification of all German citizens into one greater German race, of only German blood. It commanded its citizens to behave on the basis of self-determination by repudiating the treaties of Versailles and St. Germain as a stipulation for equality in Europe.

Every German citizen was bound by equal rights and obligations to work both spiritually and physically. This meant physical work was intended for the benefit of the whole state in light of the crippled economy. Large industries were required to divide profits and a middle class was required to work in a communal economy connected by contract to their local branch of government. Spiritually, the NSDAP demanded freedom of religion for every citizen as long as it did not jeopardize or combat the moral senses of the Germanic race, but rejected the Jewish-materialistic spirit.

The 25 Points called for educational reform and placed the responsibility in the state’s hands. This was intended to enable every capable and industrious German to obtain higher education and advance into leading positions. In addition, a national health system was established requiring all young Germans to be physically fit.


How was Adolf Hitler able to become the sole dominating force in the NSDAP and solely influence such a large audience?

The twenty-fourth point outlined a demand for freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state. How could Hitler sell this point to the German population if Judaism was excluded and eventually outlawed?


I find it stunning that Hitler and the NSDAP were able to successfully implement these points in the Nazi German society. Hitler introduced this early Nazi program at the Munich Festsaal of the Hofbräuhaus in front of 2000 people. He nearly hypnotized the crowd with his uncanny influence and conviction of speech.

3 thoughts on “25 Points

  1. I found this entire document to be appalling. It looks so dissimilar from anything that had been written in history before. The rigidity of all 25 points is so clearly fueled by the anger of NSDAP as a result of the unfavorable outcome of the war.

  2. I was glad and relieved that you mentioned how truly staggering it was for one individual to have such a crippling impact on German society and to have had the capability to not only employ and infuse this society with the 25 points, but to also capture and engage the crowd solely through his dialect and character.

  3. I think it is interesting to look at how similar the 25 points are with Hitler’s speech. Clearly they would go together but I feel as if they could be one document. As everyone has mentioned the anger that the NSDAP had was so intense, it truly is shocking.

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