An Early Nazi Program

Three points

1. In the program of NSDAP, it includes several suppress of Jewish people. For example, in the case of number four, Jewish people are not recognized as citizens. Besides this, there is also a phase that oppose the sprit and idea of Jewish people in number twenty four. These statements show the relationship between German and Jewish people.

2. This program also mentions the increasing citizen rights. For example, the equal human right and democratic idea in administrations are mentioned. In addition to them, it also refers to the education of children  and welfare of elderly people. These statements mean that how NSDAP tried to expand the right of individual.

3. This program also mentions the change of industrial system. In particular, it mentions a new idea to nationalize domestic industry. it also states the distribution of profit in specific industries. These mean that how NSDAP try to make domestic industry better.


What was a factor that promoted NSDAP to oppose Jewish people?

What was a factor that NSDAP tried to promote the education of children?


In these 25 points, I could see several statements that hated the existence of foreign culture and people such as immigration and language. Therefore, this could be a hint that how NSDAP perceived  foreign countries.


One thought on “An Early Nazi Program

  1. I think the education question is important because it shows the control needed. It is important to educate the children in the views of the NSDAP so the children don’t see the flaws. It shows, as many of the points do, the total control that the NSDAP wanted and needed to rise to power.

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