The Genocide Convention

Three points

1. The Genocide Convention regards a genocide as a illegal movement. It includes not only actual homicides but also attempted homicide and violence.

2. The Genocide Convention defines the concrete trial system. People who committed this convention can be judged by ICC or domestic courts.

3. This convention plays a quite significant role to prevent people from repeating a massacre, which was conducted by Nazi Germany during the second world war .

Two questions

1. How much did this convention actually contribute to the protection of human right in Europe?

2. Did this convention enhance the right of minority group such as Jewish people?


This content of Genocide Convention defines punishable acts in detail . The article three includes five kinds of punishable acts. One of them prohibits people from suggesting any plan of massacres.  Therefore, people can be punished even if they do not actually kill people. From this idea, I felt the strong will of countries to prevent the cruel acts in advance.


One thought on “The Genocide Convention

  1. Although in the dictionary “genocide” means a mass killing of a large group of people, during the Genocide Convention, the United Nations also defined genocide as the infliction of mental and physical harm to a group of people. This expansion of the definition leads me to consider other moments in history as acts of genocide. Even though it was not as extreme as the genocide of Jews, could slavery in the U.S. then be considered genocide, as it unarguably caused many slaves of African descent both mental and physical trauma?

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