National Organization for Women

Statement of Purpose (1966)

  1. NOW’s mission was to rally support of all American citizens and to take action in bringing women into full participation of American Society. By exercising all the privileges and responsibilities stated in the US constitution, women must be in a truly equal partnership with men.
  2. NOW rejected all previous assumptions that a man is in charge of supporting himself, his wife, and family, and that a woman’s role is to support her husband from the home. NOW believed that marriage should be equal among both partners and the responsibilities dealing with the home and family support should be shared between husband and wife.
  3. NOW declared itself independent of any political party for the purpose of rallying political power of men and woman sharing its goals. NOW strove to make sure that no candidates who did not believe in full equality between the sexes would be elected or appointed to office.


  1. Do woman have equal rights in the United States today?
  2. Why is it that woman often make less money for a similar job where a man makes more money?


I find it unbelievable how long and how difficult a fight it was for woman to finally attain civil rights in America. In my generation, equality for women would never be a question. It amazes that in 2014 women do not have equal rights in many other countries around the world.

2 thoughts on “National Organization for Women

  1. This particular statement by NOW must have sparked a great deal of action in the United States following its publication. Nearly fifty years later, our country has come extremely far in encouraging women to enter the work force, take on a stronger role in supporting the household, and receive higher education. Looking back to the other liberal arts colleges I toured as a high school senior, many of them did not start accepting women until the late 60s and early 70s. In fact, at most undergraduate colleges now, women outnumber men. Despite this progress, there are still prejudices that exist between the sexes that prevent the true equality for women (and men) that NOW sought. However, I think these prejudices are unlikely to ever really dissipate.

  2. I think it is impressive to read this document now, knowing how far women’s have come from the 1960s. While there still some issues of the stigma women face it has become much better. It is amazing to see how forward thinking this article was, knowing what has happened. It becomes much more impressive because we can see how effective NOW was.

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