The Treaty on the European Union

3 Points:

1.The European Union brings together the member states under one single common law, while still allowing the nations to keep their own sovereignty.

2.The nations are bound together to “promote economic and social progress which is balanced and sustainable, in particular through the creation of an area without internal frontiers.”  ( It combines the nations economically and socially)

3. It will establish a new council and commission that all the member nations are subject to.

2 Questions:

1. How powerful is the ‘governing body’ of the EU?

2.  Why are some European Nations not a part of the EU?  Do some choose not to join, and others are not permitted?

1 Interesting aspect:

I found it interesting that the European Union allows the power is possesses to be equally distributed among its members, as each nation is eventually able to be ‘head’ of the EU.