Deutsch Multiculturalism

3 Points:

1. Cameron states that Germans “accentuate the negative” and are stubborn to progress, as they find it difficult to “come to terms with the changes they are witnessing”  Many Germans support restricting Muslims from practicing their religion and other social constraints on other minorities.

2.One main issue Germans have is on what terms immigrants are permitted to enter the country, such as the requirement to learn German culture.

3. Many of the immigrants within Germany drop out of school and live off of social welfare within the German system.  Additionally, there is also “a worrying minority form “parallel societies”, and a few actively plot harm against their German neighbours.”

2 Questions:

1. What changes would you make to the immigration system?

2.Does this article change your overall opinion on Germans?

1 Interesting note:

I found the situation quite similar to what we have in the United States, especially the split between the populace in how to best solve the issue.

3 thoughts on “Deutsch Multiculturalism

  1. A parallel society is when a ethnic or religious minority self-organizes with the desire to reduce contact with the society in which they immigrated to.

  2. I knew the immigrant history for the first time. Immigrants should keep learning in school not to be a burden of German society. If many immigrants come to undertake social support, German people cannot take enough support.

  3. I don’t think this article should effect people’s views on Germany. Many countries go through these problems, especially large ones like Germany. It is certainly a new issue which allows for the opposition to rise up and speak out. It would be interesting to see a more recent article about the immigration issue.

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