Domostroi: 24- 38

These chapters dictate more on how one should lead their lives morally and ethically. The first two chapters differentiate living a morally, Godly life with dedication to one’s “neighbors” and the values of God- and make a clear statement that if those are not followed then one would be going directly to Hell. There are a lot of religious affiliations in these chapters as they state that the way to be a beneficial member of society is to dedicate yourself to God’s values. Following these chapters, there are a few chapters that discuss the economical way of living. This includes living within one’s means, including not acquiring slaves that one cannot afford to take care of. There is a special mention of ensuring that one can take care of their slaves with food, clothing, and hospitality; and that one should not have more slaves than they can take care of fully. Much of the rest of the chapters discuss the role of women: as subordinates to their husbands. A wife is to listen and obey whatever their husbands say, and to do so willingly with love. She has a regimented schedule that includes domestic work and overseeing servants. Despite the fact that a woman “uses her intelligence,” it is all under her husbands instructions as to what she does with that intelligence. This is how women who respect and honor God are told to behave.