Communist Manifesto

Author: Karl Heinrich Marx, socialist, philosopher, founder of communism theroy and The first international. He is Prussian but had been banished from the nation. He got a deep understanding about how the capitalism system works. His praxis philosophy widely spread.

Context: it published at 1848, England got almost an dominant situation in the world which occupied about 36,000,000 km^2 land all over the world. The first industrail revolution is almost done, workers are in a harsh living condition and the demand of reform is keep increasing. Several workers’ uprising had emerged such as textile worker’s uprising in silesia and Lyon,Worker’s Uprisings in.

Language: It systemically showed how the system of capitalism work and argued the advantages of communism. It defined the duties and characters of communist party and appealed workers and other lower class should united for overthrow the capitalist’s government.

Audience: lower class, especially workers, as a guide line of uprising.

Intention: As a declearation of communism, trying to spread the ideas about communism and provide a guideline to the uprising workers.

Message: The nature of capitalism leads the exploition to the workers, people who under slavary should united together to fight against capitalism.

One thought on “Communist Manifesto

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog on Marx and the Communist Manifesto because you give a tremendous amount of information in regards to Marx himself and when his work was published (the context). With that being said, in your intention section you write that Marx is “trying to spread the ideas about communism and provide a guideline to the uprising workers.” While I do not disagree with this statement, I think it is important to mention that Marx is also trying to highlight the many flaws of the bourgeois class to the masses. For instance, Marx writes, “The bourgeois has stripped of its halo every profession previously venerated and regarded as honorable. It has turned doctor, lawyer, priest, poet, and philosopher into its paid wage-workers,” (Blaisdell 127). Here, it becomes clear that Marx is frustrated with the bourgeois and wants the masses to understand that this cannot continue to go on. While Marx has many intentions in his Communist Manifesto, I believe this one of upmost importance; for he wants to highlight the corrupt bourgeois class to the masses and explain why a communistic community could help limit these problems.

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