Bismarck and Prussia

Author: Otto Von Bismarck was a Prussian leader known as the “Iron Chancellor” (( He ruled over Prussia and Germany. He united the independent German states which led to Germny becoming a world power.

Context: He was writing as he came into his power in Prussia. He watched as Prussia fought with Austria and gained power over Germany. He watched from a military point of view.

Language: He wrote from memory so everything is simple and to the point so he wouldn’t forget what he wanted to write.

Audience: He is writing to the people of Prussia and Germany to show what the king thought of doing with the power he had. He wanted to show everyday people what could have happened to their countries if it hadn’t been for him.

Intent: To inform people Bout what he had done for their countries before he was even in power.

Message: This is what the king wanted to do and this is how I prevented it. It is because of me that Prussia and Germany are here today.

Why: Bismarck wanted to prove he was the leader Germany wanted. He wrote about all the good things he did for Prussia to help them fight against Austria. He wanted people to see how great he was and keep him in power.

One thought on “Bismarck and Prussia

  1. Bismarck’s message closely reflected Fichte’s beliefs. They shared similar views regarding the benefits of and reasons for unification of Germany. They were also both open to expansion outside German borders. Herder, who also advocated German unification, did not share this last belief. He though that it was best for a country to respect borders and not expand.

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