The Social Crisis of Language

The author of the article Sarah Davies sets out on a mission to solve the unresolved question of ‘Was the USSR a class(les) society?’ by presenting her own school of thought. However, Davies proceeds to elaborate that only workers and peasants will be analyzed by differentiating their use of language to form social identity. Under Stalin’s regime, language was an issue of national policy.  If one were to speak out in an unauthorized  manner, it would be considered unlawful against the party therefore separating oneself from society.  I therefore agree that the Soviet society did not exist in a classless state of existence according to the Marxist idealism.  Marx believed that the eventual elimination of the class society was essential to the development and survival of the new communist world.  Stalin’s policy of a unified and single usage of certain dialect would create buffer zones in the way peasants thought as opposed to the regular workers idealism in country.  That automatically is cause enough for a social identity crisis particularly in the class divide realm.

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