Stalin’s Speech

In Stalin’s speech after WWII, it’s interesting how instead of just taking credit for the victory, that he used the victory to justify the existence of the entire Soviet system.  He also tried to use Soviet success in the war to refute the foreign media, which dismissed the entire Soviet system as being a “dangerous experiment” and a “house of cards”.  Stalin used the victory to prove that the Soviet social system worked, with its (supposedly) classless system.  It’s also interesting that Stalin would attempt to claim that the Soviet system was stronger than it was before the war.  And yet, odds are slim that Russia could possibly have won WWII without allied help, as it had no choice but to ally itself with the capitalist West governments that openly criticized it.  If anything, the only thing that the war proved was that the Soviet system could win a war, but only with the help of capitalist countries that it strongly disliked.  Another thing is that when Stalin claims that Soviet forces “utterly routed” enemy forces, this can’t possibly have been accurate until the end of the war, as Stalin is clearly exaggerating the extent of Soviet victories; after all, the war dragged on for many years.  Based on this information, it’s possible that one can dismiss Stalin’s speech as pure propaganda.

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  1. I do agree that Stalin’s speech was purely used as propaganda, it is clearly shown when he speaks of the nation’s victories, simply because of the way the nation is run and because of its lack of capitalistic characteristics. He blames the war solely on capitalism and then goes on to define several faults of the capitalistic system and the its reasons for failure. This clearly puts the Soviet state system up on a pedestal.

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