The integration debate in Germany

This news described the series of problems Germany faces during the increasing number of immigrants. It brings ideas that immigrants especially those with Muslim and Turkey background are forming a parallel society with German mian stream. With the increasing culture and religion conflicts between immigrants and native some people start to doubt whether the multiculturalism is work for Germany. “with the country’s population shrinking overall, immigrants and the underclass are having too many children, well-educated native Germans too few. Biologically, culturally and professionally Germany is dumbing down(Sarrazin)”. Also some people believe that immigrants had already been part of Germany, so their culture should be acceptable.”But Mrs Merkel does not really do populism. While bashing multiculturalism she also admitted that Islam is “part of Germany.””

In the comment of this news, a large number of people including native and immigrants showed the willing to embrace the difference and accept different cultures.

One thought on “The integration debate in Germany

  1. This post does a great job of summarizing and analyzing the key points of the article. But I think it is also important to remember the possible problems Germany faces while trying to integrate such a large number of immigrants into the country. Some of the problems mentioned in the article included both political and religious issues. Moving forward, these issues should be taken into consideration in order to ensure that the immigrants are truly a part of Germany.

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