After the meeting with the monster Frankenstein stalls the creation of a female companion. Frankenstein came to the Alps in order to escape his depression, but he finds himself tasked with an even more daunting task. Alphonse suggests that Frankenstein marry Elizabeth, but he refuses burdened by the monster’s task, Victor than leaves for England with Alphonse’s agreement. Frankenstein and Alphonse decide to take Henry Clevarl on a two year tour. Victor and Henry travel all over England. Victor manages to persuade Henry to stay in a remote town, in order for him to complete his task for the monster. Frankenstein then departs for a desolate island to complete his task. Victor sets up his lab and begins his work, but he soon reflects on the fact that these monsters could create offspring’s and at that thought he destroys the lab. The monster who had observed Victor the entire time becomes enraged at Frankenstein’s change of heart and vows revenge on him. Victor proceeds to return to mainland upon receiving a letter from Henry who is tired of Scotland. When Victor finally arrives back on the mainland where he is greeted by furious townspeople who believe he committed a murder. When Victor is shown the murder victim it is none other than his friend Henry with the strangle marks of the monster on his neck. Victor passes out and falls very ill for two months, when he awakes he finds himself in prison. Victor speaks to the jailor Mr. Kirwin who’s had a change of hearts and tells Victor that he has a visitor, this visitor is none other than his dad. Victor is freed due to lack of evidence pointing towards the murder. Victor and his dad head back to Geneva. On their way to Geneva Victor and his farther decide to stop in Paris to rest Victor keeps thinking about the monster and his warning.  Victor promptly returns home where he marries Elizabeth, but all Victor can think of is the monster’s warning. The evening of the wedding Victor decides to take a walk with Elizabeth but believing that she was safer in the house, he sends her home, and searches for the monster. Victor hears screams from the house and rushes back in horror to find Elizabeth dead, he tells his farther of the news who is so shocked by the news that he dies a few days later. After the death of all his loved ones Victor finds himself forced to convince the Geneva Magistrate that the monster killed Elizabeth. But alas no one will listen to him and so he vows to find and kill the monster.


“What a place is this that you inhabit, my son!” Said he looking mournfully at the barred windows, and wretched appearance of the room “You travelled to seek happiness, but fatality seems to pursue you. And poor Clerval –“I thought this quote highlighted Victor continual misery after rejecting the monster. Victor had a moral obligation to take in the monster as his own kind, but he didn’t. Creating something as powerful as the monster that could not be controlled by nature or humans, Victor created his own pain through his monster.