Depression after Destruction

John Maynard Keynes, as stated in the beginning of the article was an English Economist famous for his economic theories called Keynesian economics. After the treaty of Versailles was published, he became very depressed about the state in which Europe would be in as a result of the treaty. In the Treaty of Versailles, Germany is essentially cut off from all trade which Keynes states will make it difficult for a rising Industrial country. He states that by agreeing with the treaty it will be similar to signing over the lives of millions of German men, women and children. In his writing he talks about the destruction that will occur across Europe because of the Treaty that is tearing apart the Industrial societies across Europe apart. Prior to World War One, many countries across Europe we rapidly expanding as a result of Industrialization. Boarders were changing, and technology was becoming more advance. World War One however, brought to surface the growing tensions within nations regarding misrepresented populations as well as conflict between larger nations. I believe Keynes was upset by the Treaty because prior to the war he saw millions of people across Europe finally putting an end to suffering, middle classes were being formed, and people’s lives were seemingly better. After the war and the Treaty of Versailles, it seemed as though Europe would be taking a step back.


Why was Keynes so upset by this treaty? Do you think the treaty was a good idea? Could the situation have been handled better? Should Germany have been involved in the process

One thought on “Depression after Destruction

  1. I agree with Keynes’s belief that the Treaty of Versailles held many negative results. If the Allies had not agreed to punish Germany so severely, it is possible that the world may not have entered World War II. If the United States, Britain, and France had instead chosen to assist this nation filled with despair at the end of World War I, more cordial relations could have been created among these states.

    I certainly believe Germany should have been more involved in the peace process following World War I. I consider myself an idealist and believe that states should work together to ameliorate international issues, rather than look out for their own interests. I believe France, Britain, and the United States were much more realist actors during this time. Instead of focusing on their own security and power, it would have been more beneficial for these countries to assist Germany. This form of foreign policy could have made Europe evolve into a more secure continent.

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