Almost Russian

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Marion is a religion and philosophy professor from Canada. About 9 years ago she first came to Moscow on a contract to teach at an American university for two semesters. She found Moscow to be surprisingly hospitable. The students were pleasing her with their accomplishments, and so Marion decided to stay another year, and then another … When Moscow becomes too much for her, she escapes to China for a while, but always returns.

Marion lives incredibly close to where she works. She lives in the attic of a historic, Moscow mansion where the university is located. The apartment under the roof is spacious, well-lit, and comfortable, but the best part might be the view of the city center from the many windows. Marion has a large sitting room and a small bedroom with a window right above the bed. On a clear night, she can see the stars from the window. In her room Marion sleeps and gazes at the stars!

Translated by Peter Sisson



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