My House is My Planet

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Sergei splits his life between the city and the country. During the week he works as a driving instructor in Moscow but on the weekends he goes back to the old country home where he grew up. While back home, Sergei doesn’t sit around: he takes care of the house, raises goats, rabbits, chickens, and maintains a large garden. He also works out and writes poetry.

Upon my request to see his room, Sergei first brought me to the sauna he is currently building and then took me to the shed where he keeps his bicycles and motorcycles. But that was all beside the point. In the end Sergei said, “My room is my village where I grew up, it is the nature beyond the fence, it is the field and the forest.” He then decided to be photographed on the big cement tiles that will serve as the foundation of his future house.

Translated by Chase Philpot

You can listen to Sergei’s poem “On Aliens” here

You can listen to an interview with Sergei here



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