Retired Chemist

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A chemist by profession and mother of three children by calling, Larissa Filippovna has lived a long time in her country home during the warm months of the year from April to October. The house has been renovated many times: rooms have been attached and furnaces relocated so that, in the end, with the efforts of the whole family, a wonderful house has been built.

A wonderful new stove with new tiles, quaint country furniture, and hand-stitched crocheted lace drapes. Plates, ceramic souvenirs brought from various countries and puzzle-paintings, each of which is made up of more than a thousand pieces, adorn the walls.

Larissa Filippovna’s favorite room is brightened by a fireplace. She relaxes there, knits and sews, and admires the photographs of her children and grandchildren.

Translated by Chase Philpot



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