Retired Soviet Economist

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Avid cottager and gardener, Yevgenii Petrovich spends the summer in a village near Moscow. For the winter he likes to go somewhere south to the warm coastal regions far from the Moscow winter. Years ago he held a high position in one of the Soviet ministries, traveled quite a bit, and can now endlessly tell interesting life stories.

The house in which Yevgenii Petrovich now lives was once in disrepair. The previous owner kept sheep in the kitchen, where the stove had fallen apart. Yevgenii Petrovich had to restore everything on his own. He had to rebuild some things, strengthen others, and repaint it all.

In the end, he now has a heartwarming and spacious house.

Yevgenii Petrovich’s favorite place is the sunny veranda overlooking the surrounding fields and lake. It is here that he hospitably receives guests, drinks tea late into the night and admires the sunset.

By autumn, apples are stored on the veranda and a strong apple aroma lingers just like on the old Bunin estates.

Translated by Chase Philpot



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