Younger Sister

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Ksyusha is Masha Smirnova’s younger sister. Ksyusha finished music school and plays the piano very well. She studies English with her sister Masha and likes to draw and write poetry. She loves reading Russian literature. Her favorite poet is Konstantin Simonov, composer: Vivaldi, and flowers: lilies.
Ksyusha dreams to one day enroll in the Department of Linguistics and become a journalist or translator. But all that is far off, right now Ksyusha is in the 7th grade, helps her mother with household chores (for just twelve years old she cooks wonderfully), and takes care of her younger brothers.
Ksyusha does not have her own room; she shares one with her younger brother. In her room there is a bunk bed, bookshelf and piano. That’s where she studies music, takes her lessons, and sleeps.

Translated by Chase Philpot



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