A Young Footballer

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Growing Up a Footballer

John is a wonderful, thoughtful boy. He inherited his Russian mother’s love of beauty and poetic nature, as well as his British father’s passion for football (soccer). His passion for football is obvious by the design of his room, where he masters shooting goals and taking penalty shots against the wall. Unless I’m mistaken, the wallpaper was purchased in England and it took more than a week of searching to find it.

John shares the room with his younger brother. Of course he shares not only the room, but also his toys with his brother, who not only can’t walk yet but also believes that all of the toys are his by definition. What can you do though! This is necessary in order to toughen up a child. In his room John does all kinds of important boyish things, like playing, reading books, fighting with his brother, and sleeping.

Translated by Adrian Garland


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