Light and Dark

“Perhaps it was this cry which penetrated unto the quiet chambers of Audley Court; or perhaps it was the sight of her pretty face, looking over the surgeon’s high pew every Sunday morning. However, it was, it was certain that Sir Michael Audley suddenly experienced a strong desire to be better acquainted with Mr. Dawson’s governess”(Braddon 12). 

When I opened my page and found this passage, I noticed right away the light and dark features it brings upon me. As you read the opening line it pronounces the words cry and pretty. The cry made me think of Audley Court and how it could be depressing walking into it. As I read farther and got to the “sight of her pretty face” (Braddon 12) I realized there was a sense of hope. This hope brought up the idea of the body and how we cry but put on that pretty face to the world. The body has so many different views that I thought of Michael Audley finally having that desire to be with the governess. He could have the dark view of the governess, but again is putting on the face where he wants to be acquainted with her now. I also noticed the word “perhaps” was repeated in the first line and it allowed me to notice the pattern of the p words. The author did this on purpose to catch our attention and notice the details in this paragraph.  

This passage is related to the novel because it has various aspects of the way you can look at things. You can either look at it in a sad way or bring the pretty face into the idea of the cry. I think this ties in with the novel because it is foreshadowing there will be moments where characters have major events in their lives. It is also foreshadowing that Michael Audley will get together with the governess. This means that the author is letting us know the hardship this novel is going to bring to us.