Power or Fear?

The text’s from Dracula and Dracula and the Anxiety of Reverse Colonization has many similarities with the drive of the empire and the fear of progress towards the society. When looking at the Anxiety of Reverse Colonization I think about how power and the fear of being feared are related to the empire and society becoming stronger and upgrading many sources. Having the power to control the outside world is what Dracula always wanted. He wanted the control of Jonathan in which he followed his rules and had the needs he needed when visiting Dracula. I think this relates back to the rise and fall of the empire and military conquest because it symbolizes the meaning of who gets the power in certain situations. As the three women were crawling over Jonathan and ready to attack, Dracula comes out of nowhere and has the power to save Jonathan from being eaten alive. “Back, I tell you all! This man belongs to me!”(9). This desire for power and being able to come in action to use the sensation of himself is something I think Dracula showed here. He did not have to save Jonathan but he wanted to continue the power he had to keep Jonathan alive. This force of power Dracula wants to pursue forces him in the unfearful direction.

Dracula and the Anxiety of Reverse Colonization have a major role in the claim of the power of Dracula. “Vampires are intimately linked to the military conquest and to the rise and fall of empires”(627). This quote from the text I think shows the readers how Dracula is relating back to the empire and Military circumstances. It draws back to us that the forceful power Dracula can also use on the outside world because of the Victorian age. The sexual power, the fear of power, and the fear of overpowering or respect I think is why Dracula is so obtained in his own power system. I think this because he rather shows someone his power rather than have someone be fearful of him. He shows this in many ways when he wants to move to Europe. At that time, Europe was at the center of its most powerful empire. For Dracula to move there he would succeed in his powerful ways. Moving to Europe would also mean he would not be feared because of the outside factors going on in the world.

Dracula shows the power of being feared which concludes him not wanting what everyone else wants. Continuing towards his sensation allows him to create many paths of being on top of what is in front of him.

Housewarming evilness

Revealing and strange are continued with Dracula’s blazed eyes with fury. As he was about to eat and strangle Jonathan a touch by the crucifix saved everything. “It made an instant change in him”(pg 28). Dracula wants to make an appearance to make it known that he is here but does not want anyone to be in charge of him. The theme that Dracula tends to have is to show up at random points of Jonathan’s life and continuously disappear. The strange part about the crucifix was stopping Dracula from eating Jonathan’s brain but the readers know that it is a crucial part of his nature. This is a crucial part of his nature because although he is a demon who wants to rip people’s guts out, he knows that he needs to make the appearance of a good host before anything happens. The fear that Jonathan has is another claim that can be made towards the novel. “And he suddenly made a grab at my throat” (pg 28). The sense of fear and the lack of knowledge of what to do in this situation puts Jonathan in an unwanting moment. This claim of fear was the first point in which he knew that he needed to get out of the house. The sense of unreal moments and Dracula showing up in an instant but then “he passed so quickly that I could hardly believe that it was ever there” (pg 28). This passing so quickly made Jonathan confused on why he was in his room for a moment but then left in such a hurry. This theme of Dracula wanting to be known but not wanting to be in charge shows up again. Dracula made the claim of the evil and that without the crucifix he could kill him in a second. This all wraps up with the evil presence of Dracula and how he can continuously scare and take a person’s throat in one moment. What this all means, in the end, is that Dracula’s nature is to maintain the need of serving people but lives ruthlessly with the meaning of evil.

Is the secret revealed?

“If I could let the matter rest; if–if I could leave England forever, and purposefully fly from the possibility of ever coming across another clue to the secret, I would do it–I would gladly, thankfully do it–but I cannot! A hand which is stronger than my own beckons me on. … If there is any warning you would give to anyone, give it. … If they slight your warning–if they try to hold their present position in defiance of what it will be in your power to tell them–let them beware of me, for when the hour comes, I swear that I will not spare them.” (Braddon 269)

The word “if” comes up several times as I read over this passage. This stood out to me in the beginning because the word if expresses that something could happen, but it will not. As I thought about the word “if” it allowed me to notice how Lady Audley wanted her secret revealed, but it is accustomed to only her. This all comes back to our question about where George is. This passage is leading us in a direction of Robert wanting to leave but will not because he thinks Lady Audley is behind George’s death. This answers my question on understanding the passage and how it all comes together. Lady Audley is secretly giving Robert clues that make him want to investigate more. This means that once Robert finds the full truth, he will be able to move on but know the secret. This passage reveals questions and thoughts. Does Robert know something that we do not? Does he want to stay for another reason? These thoughts were lurking in my mind as I read this passage. The big thought is on George’s death and how Robert will not leave. My other thought was Robert knows a crucial factor and does not want to leave because he wants to see how it plays out. This thought ran into my mind after I read “if they try to hold their present position”. This comes back to the word “if”. Robert added if they are which makes it sound intense and that he is angry about a group of people. Wrapping this all in one is complicated but makes sense. Robert is so wrapped up in George’s disappearance that he cannot live his own life. Lady Audley is purposefully giving him hints in which he knows she is behind something. Lastly, the word if has given away parts of this passage that makes it more interesting.  

Light and Dark

“Perhaps it was this cry which penetrated unto the quiet chambers of Audley Court; or perhaps it was the sight of her pretty face, looking over the surgeon’s high pew every Sunday morning. However, it was, it was certain that Sir Michael Audley suddenly experienced a strong desire to be better acquainted with Mr. Dawson’s governess”(Braddon 12). 

When I opened my page and found this passage, I noticed right away the light and dark features it brings upon me. As you read the opening line it pronounces the words cry and pretty. The cry made me think of Audley Court and how it could be depressing walking into it. As I read farther and got to the “sight of her pretty face” (Braddon 12) I realized there was a sense of hope. This hope brought up the idea of the body and how we cry but put on that pretty face to the world. The body has so many different views that I thought of Michael Audley finally having that desire to be with the governess. He could have the dark view of the governess, but again is putting on the face where he wants to be acquainted with her now. I also noticed the word “perhaps” was repeated in the first line and it allowed me to notice the pattern of the p words. The author did this on purpose to catch our attention and notice the details in this paragraph.  

This passage is related to the novel because it has various aspects of the way you can look at things. You can either look at it in a sad way or bring the pretty face into the idea of the cry. I think this ties in with the novel because it is foreshadowing there will be moments where characters have major events in their lives. It is also foreshadowing that Michael Audley will get together with the governess. This means that the author is letting us know the hardship this novel is going to bring to us.