Timeline, Maps, Prezi (Due 11-7)


Create an example of a custom-made Google Map to visualize some aspect of The Education of Henry Adams (1918).  Students should organize a handful of specially-designed Dickinson College placemarks with text excerpted from The Education and presented with relevant images or videos.  Students may also want to experiment with adding data layers or by importing layers from an open-source platform like WorldMap.  Regardless, make sure to create very short (PRIVATE) blog post where you can embed or link to your map –and be ready to stand and present about its possible utility in class on Friday, November 7, 2014.


Anyone who wants can also create a short presentation related to The Education from either TimelineJS or Prezi.  Video tutorials for those platforms are embedded below.  In each case, students might consider using those tools to outline or demonstrate some ideas connected to their likely critical essay.  The final essay project will have a multi-media component –so this work won’t be wasted. Those who prefer to submit their presentation assignment in either Timeline JS or Prezi INSTEAD of Google Maps, may also do so on November 7.

Technical Guidelines

Main tutorial page

Customizing placemarks

–Also, remember to check out examples from our recent Mapping / Reading Topic.

Timeline JS

There are several new timeline-generating platforms on the web but one of the most popular and easiest to use is Timeline JS.


Prezi is an example of an online demonstration platform, similar to PowerPoint, but with some extra functionality.