Bibliography (Due 10-27)

Annotated Bibliography

Submitted by email Monday, October 27, 2014



Students should identify, briefly describe and properly cite six (6) sources (equally divided between primary and secondary) that would support the close reading of a particular chapter or theme from The Education of Henry Adams.  Students should begin each annotated bibliography with a brief abstract (150 words or less) that describes the nature of their chapter or summary.


Assignment Details

  • Students should begin by identifying three secondary sources relevant to their chosen chapter or theme.  They should make these choices as valuable as possible.  That means try to identify the most recent scholarly books or articles available.  For this assignment, reference sources are poor choices.  So are general websites.  The best research into secondary sources will most likely occur in the library catalog or JSTOR.


  • Students should then try to identify three useful primary sources most relevant to their chapter or theme.  These sources can be obtained digitally (from databases or institutional websites) or in published form (at the library).   As a general rule, collections of primary sources are best (published editions of letters, newspaper articles, etc.), but individual primary source documents are acceptable, too.  Regardless, the best primary sources will come either directly from Henry Adams or from those historical figures he mentions in The Education.  Students should be creative in looking for these sources.  You might find them in the library catalog, database finder or through digitized collections of 19th-century books (such as Google Books or Internet Archive).


  • All citations should follow Chicago-style bibliography format and should be positioned at the beginning of each entry in bolded type.  Please put the annotations or brief descriptions in regular font underneath the citations. The six entries should be listed in alphabetical order within each of the two broad categories (Primary / Secondary) for this assignment.


  • All annotations should be concise (150 words or less) and written in full sentences.  The best annotations will summarize scope and organization of the source, while also making clear how it is relevant to the chapter or theme.