Green Mountains

Green Mountains


As with many other states,the 1900’s saw significant damage to the forests of Vermont, due primarily to uncontrolled logging. To fight the destruction of such a natural area, Vermont’s National Forest was established in 1932 (History and Culture). Since this initiative, much of the foliage of this region has been restored, and continues to heal. The Green Mountain National Forest spans approximately 400,000 square miles history) and encompasses several historic and recreational sites. Among the attractions of the Park are The Appalachian National Scenic Trail (which originates in nearby Maine), ski areas, and hiking, walking, and cycling paths (About the Forest). In addition, the forest is home to several important species of tree, including both Northern hardwoods and softwoods (About the Forest).

In 2006, the Green Mountain National Forest proposed a final Land and Resource Management Plan to extend the protection of the park into the future (Executive Summary). Edward P. Cliff, the Ninth Chief of the USDA Forest Service notes: “As the population of the country rises and demands on the timber, forage, water, wildlife, and recreation resources increase, the national forests more and more provide for the material needs of the individual, the economies of the towns and States, and contribute to the Nation’s strength well-being. Thus the national forests serve the people” (Executive Summary). National forests exist for their own sake, but also for the good of society; thus, their preservation is essential. One of the sections of the proposed plan to do so in the Green Mountains includes forest health in general, noting increasing global disease and insect threats. In addition, management tactics such as pesticides, are potentially detrimental to ecosystems within these forests and elsewhere (Executive Summary). The Green Mountains serve as the home to a variety of wildlife species: over 15 different kinds of fish, and around 400 types of vascular plants (Executive Summary).


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