Heavy Rotation Update- May 3rd

Hey Lovelies,

Final exams are approaching fast and that means you all need something to fill you ears while you fill your brains with knowledge. Why not give what we’re playing at WDCV a chance? Here’s what we’ve got for you this week.

Sugar and Gold Electro/synth pop from SF. Very 80s and very danceable. For fans of Chromeos.

Flying Lotus- Cosmogramma You had me at space opera!

Marco Benevento- Between Needles and Nightfall Piano/Instrumental reminds me a little of shugo but without the toy instruments.

Free Energy- Struck on Nothing Favorite Track? #2 This rock band from Philly and sounds like they’re an older (more classic rock) band.

Cuff The Duke- Way Down Here A great kind of low-key alternative album.

Trampled By Turtles- Palomino Bluegrass and punk rock? Their name?! How can you not play this album?

Great energy, makes me want to dance but also variety of sounds and themes.

Kings Go Forth- The Outsiders Are Back They are from Milwaukee, like me!! If that’s not enough, they also put together a fabulous album.

So give some of our Heavy Rotation a chance!

Until next week,

WDCV Music Directors

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