Heavy Rotation Update: New Music for Fall Days

Ah, fall. It’s a great time of year when everything gets clear and crisp and golden–the trees are pretty, you can wear your favorite jacket again, there are pumpkin-flavored things all over the place. How is pumpkin bread so good? The only thing missing is new music, music that is just as good as pumpkin bread.

Don’t worry, friend. WDCV is here to solve that problem. Here are a few favorites from what we’ve been spinning lately:

Fake Problems – Real Ghosts Caught on Tape

When Fake Problems’ album “How Far Our Bodies Go” was in our heavy rotation, I was really impressed with their unique and creative take on folk-punk. Like many other folk-punk groups, Fake Problems have gotten dancier and dancier with each subsequent release. This is especially true for “Real Ghosts Caught on Tape,” where their energy shines through tighter instrumentation and hooks. Recommended for dance parties.

Fake Problems on Myspace – check out “Soulless”

Moondoggies – Tidelands

Invariably as soon as it starts getting colder, I start getting cravings for pretty folky harmonies. Moondoggies delivers. Their myspace says that they sound like “a samurai seeking vengeance.” I’m not sure that’s true. To me they sound like a wandering troupe of bearded minstrels, seeking pumpkin soup. I guess that’s a little specific, but anyways, this album is really awesome and I’m definitely going to be spinning it a lot this season.

Moondoggies on Myspace – check out “It’s a Shame, It’s a Pity”

Jupe Jupe – Invaders

If you prefer your fall soundtrack to be primarily synthesizers instead, Jupe Jupe is for you. Space Invaders is my number two favorite video game (second only to Katamari!) so I may be a little bit slanted in my opinion of this album. Then again, isn’t that valid in itself? “Invaders” strikes a great balance between electronic elements and structured pop writing that’s surprisingly addicting. Much like Space Invaders.

Jupe Jupe on Myspace – check out “Something About Love”

You’ll hear these artists and more new independent releases if you listen to WDCV, the radio station that’s better than pumpkin pie. Check out our schedule for a full list of live shows, and our Top 30 chart to see the rest of our favorites!

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