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1. Kokomo by Orquesta (ft. Jape, Katie Kim, and Kathi Burke)

This song is not only a chill reminder of the laid-back summer vibes, but the video by Fatti Burke is incredible.  Check it out on Vimeo.

2. DMT by xxyyxx

xxyyxx is probably the coolest young dude in the game, and there are a lot of young dudes in the game.  He’s also from my home state (Florida), which makes me like him even more.  This song is my favorite of his.

3. Sun Lips by Moth Super Rainbow

This song was featured in the super rad surf film Nti Sheeto by Dion Agius and I’ve been playing it on repeat since I first watched the film.  It’s as good as the guys in the film (which I recommend watching even if you don’t know surfing.  You can view it here.)

4. Skinny Little Girl by Hanni El Khatib

I found this guy when I was looking for upcoming shows by Bass Drum of Death.  He used to be the creative director for HUF, the skate and street wear brand. Now he makes this rad music.

5. Single Fins and Safety Pins by Japanese Motors

Japanese Motors broke up, but they were such a great summer band.  Alex Knost, the professional wild man and surfer, was in it but has since formed a new band called Tomorrow’s Tulips which is also pretty nice to listen to.

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